How to appy for vacancy


Preliminary enquiries can be made by contacting the Clerk to the Trustees Mr C E Williams

Phone 01584 874661

Application can be made by downloading our application forms below or requesting a form from the Clerk to the Trustees.





1.    General.  Hosyer- Foxe Charity provides almshouse accommodation for needy people, resident in Ludlow area, under the provisions of the Charity Commission Scheme (1020237) governing the Charity.

2.    Eligibility criteria for appointment to an almshouse.  The Trustees have approved minimum criteria for persons to be eligible to apply for and be appointed to an almshouse as qualified beneficiaries of the Charities.  These are:

       a.    Residence within the Ludlow area.  Applicants must be resident in Ludlow area or for one of the Foxes Almshouses a resident in Bromfield  Parish.

       b.    Age.  Applicants should be 55 or older although consideration may be-given to younger persons in exceptional circumstances

        c.    Finance.  Applicants must have limited financial resources, ie, unable to afford to purchase their own accommodation.

        d.    Need.  Applicants must be in need, at the time of application, and in respect of the Hosyers Almshouses accept a Warden visiting them daily

        e.    Applicants must be able to look after themselves, with any necessary care being provided by other agencies (the Warden does not provide personal or nursing care).

        Note.    For couples, both must meet all the eligibility criteria.

 3.    Method of application for an almshouse.

        a.    Almshouse Application Forms may be obtained from the Clerk to the Trustees, Mr C E Williams 2 Jockeyfields Ludlow SY8 1PU (01584 874661) or can be downloaded from the website.      

        b.    Guidance notes Advice on completing the forms can be obtained from the Clerk and from other agencies concerned with helping the elderly, such as Age Concern and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

        c.    Reference.  Applicants will be asked to provide the name and address of an independent referee who will be asked for a personal reference. 

        d.    On receipt, the application will be checked by the Clerk to the Charity and any additional information required will be requested from the applicant or sponsor.

On completion, and provided all the Trustees' eligibility criteria are met (paragraph 2 above), the applicant's name will be added to the Almshouse Waiting List. The applicant will be informed when this has been done.

        e.    Applicants who do not meet the Trustees' eligibility criteria (paragraph 2) in any respect will be informed in writing and invited to withdraw their application or transfer to a Reserve List until they do meet the criteria.  They will be required to complete an Almshouse Application Update Form to confirm their eligibility before their name is added to the Waiting List.

4.    Applicants Interviews.  All almshouse applicants are interviewed by the two Trustees prior to being considered for any almshouse appointment.

 5.    Points Assessment.  A confidential points assessment is made:

         a.    Of the applicant's need for sheltered the almshouse accommodation assessed by the Trustees at the interview and after full consideration of the written application.      

         b.    Of other circumstances regarding the applicant

 Length of residence in Ludlow area (the longest being awarded the highest points).

 Capital worth (the poorest being awarded the highest points).

 Suitability of present accommodation (the least suitable being awarded the highest points).

 6.    Almshouse appointments.  The Trustees consider all applicants on the Waiting and Transfer Lists and shortlist applicants for future appointment after taking account of the total points awarded, and in particular those relating to the Trustees’ assessment of each applicant's need for almshouse accommodation.  The Trustees will also take into consideration the suitability of the available almshouse accommodation to meet the applicant's needs.

        Note.    If applicants are already housed in sheltered accommodation, only those with special/exceptional needs are considered.

 7.    Transfers between almshouses.  Residents may apply for a transfer, in writing, giving their reasons. The Trustees normally only approve a transfer to another almshouse on medical grounds.  All applications made on medical grounds must be supported by the applicant's doctor and, for transfer to a very sheltered almshouse, the applicant's social worker.

 8.    The Appointment to occupy an Almshouse as a Qualified Beneficiary of the Charities jointly comprises a Letter of Appointment as an Almshouse Resident (signed by the Clerk to the Trustees), the Terms of Occupancy for Almshouse Residents and the Certificate on Appointment as an Almshouse Resident (signed by the applicant prior to taking up their appointment).  Couples are appointed both individually and jointly.

 9.    Setting aside an Almshouse Appointment.  The Charity Commission Scheme

 permit the Trustees to “set aside the appointment of any almsperson, who in their opinion:  

        a.    Persistently or without reasonable excuse either disregards the Terms of Occupancy (formerly the Regulations) for Almshouse Residents or disturbs the quiet occupation of the almshouses or otherwise behaves vexatiously or offensively.

        b.    No longer has the required qualifications (ie, no longer meets the eligibility criteria).

        c.    Has been appointed without having the required qualifications (ie, did not meet the eligibility criteria at the time of application and appointment).

        d.    Is suffering from any mental or physical disease or infirmity rendering him or he  unsuited to remain an almsperson.

 The Trustees will only take such exceptional action after the most profound consideration at a Special Meeting of the Trustees.  In the event, everything possible will be done to ensure that suitable alternative accommodation is available on the date the setting aside becomes effective.  (This will normally allow a minimum of four weeks from the date the decision is taken and notified to the Almshouse Resident.)


January 2012




Application Form

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Form to register an initial interest

Detailed application Form


Letter of Appointment

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Sample letter of appointment

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