Charities benefiting the poor generally which were later associated with Hosyer’s Almshouses

Dr Charles Sonnibank, 1635

Dr Sonnibank was the son of a Ludlow goldsmith. He became an eminent scholar at Oxford and was later Dean of Windsor. He left land at Hopesay, ten miles north west of Ludlow, the rent of which provided 6d each Monday for ten poor widows.

Thomas Lane, 1671

Thomas Lane was Secretary to Sir John Charlton of Ludford House, one of the leading judges of his day. He left land off St John's Lane, the rent of which provided a loaf each Sunday for 12 poor persons. He also left funds to establish a workhouse.

Evan Phillips, 1674

Evan Phillips was an official at the Council of the Marches. He left land in Linney — later known as 'Poor's Close' — to provide money for 18 poor persons.

Richard Davies, 1699

Richard Davies was a Ludlow ironmonger, who was a prominent member of the Corporation. He left £100 to provide 15s a year. for 8 poor widows.

Eleanor Handford, 1706

Eleanor Handford was the widow of an official at the Council of the Marches. She left capital of £25, which yielded 2s 6d on Good Friday to each of 10 poor persons.

John Long, 1706

A Ludlow wine merchant, who left capital of £20 for the poor.

Emma Robinson, 1719

Emma Robinson was one of the daughters of Sir Job Charlton. She married John Robinson, Bishop of London. She left capital of £50, which provided 2s 6d. a year for 20 poor householders.

Thomas Meyrick, 1724

Thomas Meyrick was a Ludlow cloth manufacturer who left £40 to the Borough Corporation for loans to poor tradesmen.

Thomas Hollingsworth, 1809.

homas Hollingsworth left capital of £50 to provide Christmas bread for poor widows.

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