Charities bequeathed after 1837 and entrusted to the Ludlow Municipal Charity Trustees and their successors

Margaret Phillips, 1838

Margaret Phillips was a native of Ludlow, who later lived at Clifton, Bristol. She left £1,000 to `the Upper-almshouses' and £500 to 'the Lower-almshouses'. She left another £1,000 to endow a lying-in charity for expectant mothers in poor circumstances.

Thomas Bolfteld, 1843

Thomas Botfield was an iron master from Coalbrook-dale, who purchased the lordship of Hopton Wafers and set himself up as a land-owning country gentleman. He left money for the poor.

James Brettel Vaughan, 1848

James Brettel Vaughan was a landowner from Burway, in Bromfield parish, who lived at no. 14 Castle Street, Ludlow. He left E100 to provide Christmas bread for poor widows.

Emily Felton, 1871

Emily Felton was one of the daughters of William Felton, the Ludlow radical and printer. She left money for the poor.

Maria Nightingale, 1884

Maria Nightingale was a Ludlow resident who left many generous bequests, including E2,000 for the parish church.

Edmund Jones, 1892

Edmund Jones was a Ludlow grocer, and also a keen local historian. He left money to the poor. 

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